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You can waste energy and money and time scheduling sports events the old-fashioned way…or you can use iSOCS.

Make life easier for any sport

You make phone calls all week…return hundreds of messages…spend hours writing invoices…time out! This job was supposed to be fun. Use iSOCS, the online calendar and scheduling web site, to take the hassle out of your Sports Assignment Coordinator duties. We help you regain control of your time so you can focus on the job and enjoy life again. With iSOCS, you can quickly and easily:
  • Have officials confirm or turn back assignments
  • Schedule events
  • Make sure up-to-date information is always available
  • Send invoices
  • Pay officials
And, because everything is done online, officials and league sponsors can access their information and respond at a time that’s most convenient for them…day or night!

Just pennies per game

iSOCS is easy on your budget. That’s because it costs just pennies per game for the entire process, start to finish. There is a minimal setup cost for online or telephone support. What’s more, with our flat fee you’re never charged to update scheduled game information no matter how many times things change. Once you factor in the savings of postage, stationery, printing costs, fax and phone bills, iSOCS is a value that simply can’t be beat! Not to mention the continual free upgrades we provide.

So simple even a computer novice can use it.

If you can get on the internet, you can use iSOCS. It’s that easy. In fact, the site was especially designed to be user friendly. Just point and click - each field is clearly marked. Online directions are available to walk you through the pages. And a handy Users Manual with a Quick Start Guide is available online when you open your account to get you in the game in a hurry. We even provide print friendly screens for you to communicate with those people who aren’t Internet users yet.

Our goal is to give the officials community more time to concentrate on their profession and spend less time on paperwork and administration.

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