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Give iSOCS a shot and everbody wins.

The old way The iSOCS way
Sports Assignment Coordinators
Communicate with dozens/hundreds of busy people all on different schedules for hours at a time. Communicate with everyone easily in a convenient, clear manner and have a written record.
Spend hours completing schedules and sending invoices by hand. Then burn even more time making call after call trying to communicate the information to everyone. Enter the information once and have it accessible 24/7 to any official or customer who needs it.
Pay for supplies and equipment to keep your current system working. Enjoy automatic access to the top technology and it's latest features at no cost and with no downloading required.
Endure major headaches every time you adjust the schedule. Make schedule changes quickly and easily.
No message or bad message equals problems. You count on answering machine, voicemail, and family members for messages. No miscommunication. Correct information is available 24 hours a day. You have everyones's up-to-date record at your fingertips if you need to contact them now.
After events occur, sit down and prepare invoice and send it to clients. Invoice is on clients page the next day for approval.
Spend hours reconciling paid and unpaid invoices and assembling information for customers needs. Produce reports instantly by account, region or whatever criteria you need.
Send customers invoices, spend time with errors or problems from last month. Customer gets invoice for approval the next day to check for accuracy. Everyone's happy to stay on top of events.
Get your assignments by outdated mailings or numerous faxes or telephone calls from the Assignment Coordinator. Confirm or turn back your assignments with with the click of a button…any time of the day or night.
Make several phone calls to clarify and/or discuss rule changes. Access online message center where all the necessary people are involved to get feedback or clarification.
Search for addresses or contact information in directories and address books for your officiating partners information. Click on an assignment and get up to date contact information.
Check invoices weekly or monthly after a game for accuracy and reconciliation. Invoice approved by both the customers and organization is posted after each game to review.
Search yellow pages for facility location. Log on and see location with driving directions.
Constantly update your schedule for availability with your organization or keep turning back assignments. Block out days you aren't available for scheduling for the assignors to see while they are assigning events.
You don't receive the right message so you don't show for an assignment or you're late or in the wrong place. Accurate information is on your site whenever you need it. If your schedule changes you can turn a game back with a few simple clicks.
Customer/League Sponsor
Deal with mountains of paper work trying to organize events, expenses, corrections, and changes. Check invoices and get immediate credits for no-shows, know the status of games and invoices at a glance, and much more.
Find printed calendar, the up-to-date one, for your events and check it for accuracy. Up to the minute calendar and information available 24 hours around the clock.
Assemble different monthly and weekly paper calendars to look at information from the beginning of the season up to today. View your information any way you need to break it down, immediately.
You're at home and you need to get or check some information or changes. You'd have to carry paperwork with you. Your access to iSOCS can be from an Internet connected browser, home or abroad with your secure login.

It's time. Use iSOCS technology and be more efficient.

It’s your time. Don’t waste it. Check out our free demonstration and see how easy it is to use the latest scheduling technology. Or call drop us an email at Either way, you’ll discover how powerful, easy to use and inexpensive iSOCS can be.

For just pennies a game you can access everything iSOCS has to offer - scheduling, invoicing, message boards, and more. Plus, you get free upgrades for life! So don't waste another minute. Log on today.

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“This page looks FANTASTIC. Keep up the good work.”

Bill Boyle
Maryland Basketball Officials Association

“You're a genius! That's exactly what I had in mind! Muchas Gracias!”

Jim Strus
Sports Assignment Coordinator

"Site looks great. Can't wait to start the season with it.”

Matt Radio

"I get up in the morning and there it is. I can check my day planner and go through the week at a clance. I know if that will work for me. No long distant phone call to make. Leaving voice mail and wondering if the message was gotten and do I need to call back so on and so on. I really felt when you where telling us about the site in the frist meeting that it was a waste of our time and money to get this site up and running. Now I am enjoying the information and scheduling proscess much better. Hopefully this will help me from missing assignment like I did last year late in the season. "

Ron Lord

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